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Setting up Mesh with the DAP‑1620



I am unable to setup a mesh with the DAP-1620 extensions.

I own the `DIR-1960 HW:A1 FW:1.03`

and 2: `DAP-1620 HW:A2 FW:1.05`

When going through the whole setup on the wifi iOS app I get the error:

Sync up failed

And then an error message telling me to reset. Which I have tried multiple times on both of the DAP-1620 with no luck!

What is going on? Any tips. I know that the router accepts the DAP-1620 as it gets very far along with the steps I am not sure what is wrong with the last step. I have tried multiple ethernet cables too!


Any progress on this?

Factory reset DAP-1620 and then use the  Manual Configuration (Web UI) option to setup the extender with DIR-1960: 


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