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Title: DNS ShareCenter - Available Add-On Applications
Post by: JavaLawyer on July 30, 2014, 05:22:52 AM
ShareCenter Add-ons

Add-ons are software applications that extend the capability of supported D-Link ShareCenters. Some add-ons are pre-installed on specific ShareCenter models, while other add-ons must be downloaded from the D-Link website or FTP site and manually installed in the ShareCenter to enable functionality.

Support for the Add-ons described in this FAQ vary among different ShareCenter models. Please reference the user manual  for your specific ShareCenter model to determine whether specific add-ons are supported.


AjaXplorer provides an enhanced Explorer-like interface for downloading and uploading files over the Internet, and supports streaming video/audio on any Internet connection and viewing image files stored on the ShareCenter. The add-on supports remote management of files stored within the AjaXplorer folder using a standard web browser.


aMule is a P2P application for finding a variety of different media. It enables users to search for P2P files over networks.

Audio Streamer

This add-on enables a ShareCenter to function as an Internet Streaming Music site. From your ShareCenter, the Audio Streamer add-on can transmit multiple streams of music files to any Internet connection.

Blog (Word Press)

Create a  ShareCenter-based customized blog using WordPress that can be accessed and commented upon from any Internet connection.


Create a customized CMS (Content Management System). Using the ShareCenter's Internet connection the CMS can be accessed and commented upon from any Internet connection.


Create a customized forum. Using the ShareCenter's Internet connection, the forum can be accessed and commented upon from any Internet connection.


Manage your own ShareCenter MySQL database by phpMyAdmin. Using the ShareCenter's Internet connection the phpMyAdmin can be accessed and used from any Internet connection.

Photo Center

The Photo Center add-on enables sharing of stored photos over the Internet and provides a convenient interface from which users can create photo albums with descriptions. Photo albums are accessible over the Internet using HTTP, so family and friends can view stored photos from any Internet connection.

Squeeze Center

The SqueezeCenter add-on operates in concert with the Logitech Media Squeezebox player, enabling users to play music files stored on a ShareCenter.

Surveillance Center (My Surveillance)

View, record, and playback live video streams from D-Link Cloud cameras located on the same LAN as the ShareCenter hosting the Surveillance Center (My Surveillance) add-on.


Transmission is a full-featured P2P client that can be launched from any Internet connection.