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Author Topic: Intermittent wired connection, proof that it's not the computer  (Read 3920 times)


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Hi there.  I just bought a wbr-2310 dlink wireless router.

My network situation:  1 cable modem, hooked up to the dlink router, with 2 wired desktop PCs and a wireless Wii connecting.

I bought the dlink because my previous aging router stopped functioning (and because it was cheap), which I diagnosed by plugging each of the computers into the modem directly.  The connection was perfect in that case, but neither computer could connect to anything with the router in between.  I tried switching ethernet cables that were between the router and modem as well.
So, that establishes that neither the computer nor modem had any issues, and that the router, which performed admirably to this point, suddenly died.

Now, on to the DLink router.

After installing the dlink, I immediately noticed a huge difference between how it functioned compared to the previous router.  For some reason, most basic web page connections will fail unless 2-7 refresh/reloads are done on the page.  I can't say the connection drops completely, as I've played online video games without disconnection, but web page viewing has become extremely painful. 

Is there anything I can do with this router to fix this extreme intermittent web page resolving issue?


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Re: Intermittent wired connection, proof that it's not the computer
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2010, 07:05:36 PM »

If you have latest firmware and it's still working bad... get a REFUND fast...   and look elsewhere....