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Author Topic: New - Xbox One/360 Console Setup/Troubleshooting Information  (Read 12008 times)


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New - Xbox One/360 Console Setup/Troubleshooting Information
« on: December 04, 2013, 10:03:17 AM »

Please review this information for all Xbox One game consoles as new ports may need to be added as well however shouldn't if the router is set up well:
How To: Open NAT to resolve multiplayer and party problems (updated with Xbox One info)

XB1 users, new ports (UDP) have been added for this device:
Port 500
Port 3544
Port 4500

XB1 users, please use the "Multi-Xbox" global GameFuel or QoS rule example listed in the Gaming and Gamefuel for XBL stickies located in the FAQ Library if you set these features up.

  • For XB1 users, the XB1 feature "Instant On" is causing faults NAT conditions and causing Moderate or Strict NAT to be seen. Please disable the "Instant On" feature and use the "Energy Saving" mode. This should show OPEN NAT status. There is a problem with "Instant On" and he's handling behavior with uPnP on routers. This is a MS XB1 issue, not a router issue.
    "If the console power mode is "Instant-on" the system will not register UPnP with my router giving me a "Strict" NAT type.  This happens to both consoles.  By switching to "Energy-Saving" the console properly registers UPnP with my router and displays a "Open" NAT type and party chat etc."


  • Either setting the console into energy saving mode or pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds to do a hard reboot as some setting changes on the router or console might not take effect when coming out of standby on the Xbox One.
  • Try enabling port forwarding for UDP 3074, 3544, 4500 and 500 (some new ports added for Xbox One from what 360 used). Failing that, try adding the console to the DMZ.
  • Ensure that youíre not double NATíd (Users donít realize that their ISP supplied modem is actually a router.) Review the  Router Troubleshooting Suggestions and Tips regarding ISP modems and NAT problems.
  • Pressing both triggers + both bumpers on the controller in the Multiplayer Troubleshooter to refresh the NAT type of the console.

For Xbox 360:
Do a network factory reset of the xbox console:
1. Press the Guide Button on your controller, go to Settings
2. Select System Settings then Network Settings
3. Select Wired Network or your wireless network when displayed
4. Select Configure Network then Additional Settings tab
5. Select Restore to Factory Defaults then confirm when prompted.
6. Turn Off the xbox then turn back on.
Check NAT status. It should be OPEN!

Any further help or setup information needed, please contact XBL support or post in the D-Link forums with your D-Link model product and we'll help you out.
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