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DWR 921 dropping internet on iOS devices


Hello world
I have an ongoing problem with our 4G router I recently had it newly configured by our local IT guy in the very small town we live in but the problem persists. Basically, we lose access to the internet on our iOS devices after a indeterminate period of time, sometimes 5 minutes , sometimes after 5hours. Usually turning the router on and off fixes it but we usually have to do so 5 or 6 times a day. We run a business from home so are very dependent on internet and thus it can be very frustrating. The strange thing is that the Fire TV stick works all the time. I can be streaming video on Netflix but I can’t load a webpage on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. This leads me to think it may be related to the iOS devices. The IT guy says it must simply be a reception problem as we do live in a valley, but the. It wouldn’t be possible to continue streaming video. Anyone had a similar experience or has an idea how this could be solved?
Thanks a lot for any help.


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