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Replaced router, DAP-1665 no longer working

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Setup: Windows 10, automatic updates enabled.
Computer router: Synology RT2600. Desktop is hard wired, 2.5 and 5 Gig lights are on, Laptop and phones connect wireless.
D-Link DAP-1665, a wireless access point that worked with my previous primary router but I cannot get it to work with the Synology router/wireless adapter. In the browser I use this is the IP found on the D-Link when connected with a cable.
The D-link normally resides in the garage connected to a solar panel monitor system.  There is only one wall between the two wireless devices.
With the D-Link on my desk less than two feet from the Synology, it connects using a cable between the two devices.  The 2.4 and 5 GHz lights on both devices are lit.
When connected with a cable, and logged on, is there a method of verifying that the 2.5 and the 5 Gig connections are functioning?  Something more substantial than a light that is on?
What must be done differently to get it working again?
Thank you for your time.

Edit: discovered that the Synology and the D-Link both have a WPS button to share account information.  Pressed the Synology button then the
D-Link button with five seconds of each other, no improvement.

Edit: using a cable, connected and set the network name and password to bad values, power cycled, and both the 2.4 and 5 Gig lights turn on.  They do not indicate a valid connection.

Is the DAP in AP mode or extender mode?
Is the DAP connected to the host router via ethernet cable or wireless?

Try a factory reset and setup from scratch. Review the user manual and installation guide to set it up.

I have done the restart from a deep reset.

In the manual I find Access Point Mode, not using that.
Wireless Client Mode, this is what is needed.
Repeater Mode, no
Bridge Mode, no

The DAP is to reside in the garage and has done so since summer 2019, working well.
The previous router was inconsistent when using Netflix and was tossed, replaced by a new one.
A switch is connected to it and the Solar Panel monitor is connected to the switch.
Another computer to monitor the Air Conditioning will be added to the switch.

To get the DAP setup, it is moved to my desk next to the wireless router.   When connected with an ethernet cable, all looks good.  The ip address of is shown in the DAP setup display.  After setup is complete, remove the ethernet cable and the DAP will not respond to a ping.

With the ethernet cable connected, logged on and clicked Check for New Firmware. The response is: This firmware is the latest version.
The version is 2.06, Mon 24 Dec 2018

I can find a button to insert an image, but only a path, not upload.  Is there a way to upload an image?

What is the IP address for the DAP seen on the host routers connected clients table?
What IP address string does your host router use? 192.168.#.something?

I don't know how to find those things.  With the ethernet cable installed the IPV4 Network shows  I use that to log in to the DAP via the browser.
Looking at the router manual now.
In the Synology router Network center it shown my main computer hardwired, my iphone, and dlinkap.  The MAC and the IP addresses match what I got from the D-Link.  It shows the connection as wired.  But when I disconnect the cable I cannot log in.  When put in the garage, the solar panel monitor does not update its data.

I have the ethernet cable connected.  I will disconnect it now and monitor this stuff for possible changes.


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