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DAP-1665 Rev B v2.03 Build 03 FW Official Release - WW Region!


Firmware:   v2.03 B03   05/30/2018 WW Region!
Not Compatible with Rev A models!

Revision Info:   
Problems Resolved:
1. Copyright is showing 2016.

1.   Update DNSmasq to version 2.78
2.   Add WLAN Partition function
3.   Add MAC filtering function
4.   WPA2 security enhancement (KRACK)
5.   Add firmware protection

Note: Need to upgrade from v2.00 to v2.03 via middle FW: v2.02 (upgrade from 2.00 to v2.02 first and
then upgrade to v2.03)

Get it here:
Select Rev B from the drop down menu.

Please follow this to update the FW: Link> >FW Update Process

Let us know how it works for you...


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