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Post by: as.illing on November 26, 2014, 09:26:24 PM
Good Morning,

I am new to IP cameras and NVR's

I have recently installed 2 DCS-5615 Cameras attached to DNR-326. I can use the software provided to view the cams and the reocrding as well as when logged onto the NVR using explorer.

I have set my router for port forwarding both the live view and playback ports, when I log on to the NVR remotly it does not allow me to access live view or the recordings only change the actual NVR settings.

Do I need to change the ports on the Camera setup, It has multiple lists, HTTP RTSP RTP RTCP etc. Sorry I am new to all of this.

I have also noted on D-Viewcam App on IOS I can find my cameras and watch playback but cannot live view, not sure if this related.

Any Help would be appreciated.