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Title: DNS ShareCenter - My ShareCenter Frequently Loses the Date and Time Settings
Post by: JavaLawyer on March 27, 2014, 07:40:12 AM
If a ShareCenter frequently loses the date and time settings, there is a strong possibility that the CMOS battery on the ShareCenter needs replacing. When this issue occurs, it is typically observed on older ShareCenters, as the CMOS battery is not designed to function indefinitely. If additional settings are also lost (e.g. passwords, user accounts, etc.), then the issue may be due to a defective flash ROM.

Replacing the CMOS Battery

Note: Since this procedure is invasive and requires disassembling the ShareCenter and handling the ShareCenter motherboard, performing this procedure may invalidate the ShareCenter warranty. Please contact D-Link technical support to determine whether replacing the CMOS battery will impact your ShareCenter warranty.