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Dir 510l battery life

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I have been playing with this unit for a month or so.  I want to like it but. It seems buggy (software sucks, drops links to internet). But the real killer appears to be the batter.   Using the provided charger I get a full charge indicator but when I log on it reads 80 % and with in 3 hours as yes as an ap it's under 30%
At this rate it would appear it has to remain plugged in for real use

Any other experiences?

I presume that if your near a 110v outlet, the 510L should be plugged in. The battery life may depend on what the 510L is doing and what kind of traffic is going thru it. Heavy traffic would draw more battery life, light traffic shouldn't as much.

Just kind of disappointing.  Been also testing some other portable ap that last three days    With similiar loads

Not much of a portable ap is it has to stay plugged in

When was the unit manufactured?

The internal battery may need replacing. They don't last forever.  ???


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