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Title: cpu usage
Post by: Mythrandir on January 20, 2010, 10:42:39 AM
Hello, im using a D-link rangebooster N notebook DWA-645 and yesterday my cpu usage went up to 100%, i get internet connection for a few seconds and lose it again. I already scanned for adwares and virus and got nothing. Today i disconnected my card and connected via cable and got normal internet speed and CPU usage, so i most concluded that it's from my wireless card.
I don't remembr doing anything relevant (installing/uninstalling anything) besides the normal autoupdates (antivirus, etc).

Is this normal? Are there any solutions/recommendations?

Thanks in advance
p.s. hope i got the right sub-forum
Title: cpu usage
Post by: pinkinaipurry on February 09, 2012, 07:40:05 PM
Thats got to be a problem with your machine, or else a bug in I2P thats triggered by your configuration. My system is half as fast as yours, and it uses 5-10 CPU. Is that CPU usage continuous, right from the time you start I2P, or does it begin after running for a while?