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Author Topic: DWL-6600AP - Official Firmware Release - v4.2.0.13  (Read 8585 times)


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DWL-6600AP - Official Firmware Release - v4.2.0.13
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:35:01 AM »

Firmware v4.2.0.13 released. Tons of fixes and includes official KRACK fix.

Firmware -  ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DWL-6600AP/REVA/DWL-6600AP_REVA_FIRMWARE_v4.2.0.13.zip

Release Notes:

New Features:
1. Supports Wireless ARP suppression mode in standalone mode

1. WPA2 KRACK vulnerability patch
2. Fix the vulnerability the PKCS7_dataDecodefunction in crypto/pkcs7/pk7_doit.c in OpenSSL before 0.9.8zg, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0s, 1.0.1 before 1.0.1n, and 1.0.2 before 1.0.2b allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and application crash) via a PKCS#7 blob that uses ASN.1 encoding and lacks inner EncryptedContent data. [CVE-2015-1790]
3. Fix OpenSSL vulnerability CMS verify infinite loop with unknown hash function. [CVE-2015-1792]
4. Fix SSL/TLS Compression Algorithm Information Leakage Vulnerability. [CVE-2012-4929]
5. Fix SSL/TLS use of weak RC4 cipher. [CVE-2013-2566]
6. Fix integer overflow in the EVP_EncryptUpdate function in crypto/evp/evp_enc.c in OpenSSL before 1.0.1t and 1.0.2 before 1.0.2h allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (heap memory corruption) via a large amount of data. [CVE-2016-2106]
7. Fix Facebook Wifi authentication taking more time from WLAN host.
8. Fix clients are unable to do authentication concurrently with WPA Enterprise authentication. [DI20150317000002]
9. Fix LLC (XID) frames from client's MAC address appear on LAN port even when client is not connected to the network. [DEUR20160224000004]
10. Fix mail notification test is not working properly in some scenarios. [DUSA20160412000001]
11. Fix AP stops process radius request from DWS-3160.
12. Fix time is not updated when Daylight Saving Time is enabled.
13. Able to sign Web server Certificate with SHA-256 Signature algorithm.
14. Fix existing GUI session is not expired after changing password from CLI.
15. Fix existing SSH session is not expired after disabling the SSH service.
16. Able to choose NTP options from CLI which are available in GUI.
17. [CLI] Fix no check for maximum limit for the Read-write community name Field in SNMP settings page.
18. Fix radio channel is not getting updated when pushing the configuration from DWC-1000.
19. Fix RF scheduling is not working when schedule profile is configured for weekend.
20. Fix with maximum of 32 characters not able to login to AP to enable debug logs.
21. Fix time is still changed even system is not in Daylight Saving Time period or the countries which donít have Daylight Saving Time.
22. Fix device time is not updated correctly for North Korea and South Korea Time zones.
23. Fix valid error message was not shown after configuring invalid Broadcast Key Refresh Rate in VAP page.
24. Fix proper error message is not displaying after configuring invalid session Key Refresh Rate in VAP page.
25. Fix AP is accepting invalid IP address in "Hostname, address, or subnet of Network Management System field" of SNMP page.
26. Fix device is accepting multicast mac address in packet capture configuration.
27. Fix unable to configure the maximum characters for Community name for traps and Host name or IP Address in SNMP page.
28. Fix the offset value is not shown properly at date and time setting page.
29. Fix SNMP help content regarding the maximum users that can be added in the SNMPv3 user page is not available.
30. [CLI] Fix no validation for Broadcast/Multicast IP addresses for Management ACL when configured from CLI.
31. Fix Http Certificate Expiration Date is not update properly when AP date is set after 2017.
32. Fix in SNMP page Hostname field is accepting 252 Characters where max limit is 253 and the Error should be proper when multicast ip is configured in IPV4 address field.

Known Issues:
1. GUI access might be slow.
2. Spell mistake in help page of client QOS ACL page.
3. Observed more than 10 continual ping loss while doing fping to internet IP for establishing WDS link for 5 Ghz
4. Observed null (zero) values while running the iperf traffic from LAN to WLAN in both the radio (2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz).
5. The client is getting disconnected due to some special environment or condition when running traffic as torrent download, mail surf and video streaming from Internet.